Rescue One UNTIL There are NONE!!!

surrendering a pet:


While I was ediiting this page I received a call from a man whose uncle died. A chihuahua,a chiweenie ( a petland ripoff) and puppies needed to have a place to go immediately! I asked why puppies too and he said his uncle wanted to sell them to at least make the money back from buying the chiweenie. None were spayed/neutered, vaccinated  nothing....His big offer included $100. to vet them all of them....GMAFB!!!  he couldn't believe the trouble he was having....."they're really cute" he says....i asked "you think out of 11,000 animals that were killed today you don't think they were cute? you think they weren't nice? you think there weren't puppies and kittens?"  wake the hell up!

1) every foster home, shelter, rescue and boarding facility is full.

2) applications for adoption are pretty much nill this time of year which is a double whammy because it is "kitty season" and "drop your dog at the shelter" season.....rescues are in scramble mode because all the shelters KILL..   no kill is a goal or a myth! and yes they kill "cute" dogs and they kill "small" dogs and they kill "pure bred" dogs and they kill "kittens"  along with mothers, they kill "good" pets too!

3) no there isn't a retired pawson with unlimited time, money and energy to medicate and train the dog you choose not to.

4)no there is not a pawson home all day to bottle feed the litter of kittens you found because you've ignored a "neighborhood cat" for so long.

5) no there is not a pawson who will run over and gladly accept your biting, whirling dirvish because they are expert trainers waiting for a case of aggression, separation anxiety or pawty training.

6) no there is not someone that is so thrilled that your unspayed- unneutered dog is a pure bred, from a petstore or "has papers"... toilet paper has more use for us!

7) no we can't understand how you can afford a vacation but cannot do the right thing for your pet and get it spayed/neutered/vaccinated so that then you can pay for boarding.

8) No we do not know someone who will "Foster" your 2 cats for 9 months while you are in "rehab".