Rescue One UNTIL There are NONE!!!

Buying a Pet as a gift is NOT a good idea!!

Consider a "Pawtificate" and involve the pawson that will be expected to care for the animal. It is a huge commitment that involves years of caring and should never be thrust on someone out of love, pity or spite!! Emotionally, financially and environmentally people may not be ready to get a pet. Landlords and Associations  can dictate whether a pet is allowed. Parents, other guardians,etc all need to help with this decision.  I've had 3 calls from grandparents this week!! Please just say no!!

Puppy MIll in Ohio Busted!!
This is a PERFECT example of how internet sites that sell puppies mislead buyers. This place has a beautiful website that even warns about puppy mills. It was busted today in Ohio.

Sheriff’s deputies served a search warrant at 8 a.m. at a residence owned by Dave and Rhonda Auton at 8350 Tawawa Maplewood Road. Sheriff John R. Lenhart said the Autons operate a business at that location called “Pedigree Pets.” They said the animals were in very poor health, and kennel conditions were determined to be unfit for housing animals.

For more info about the rescue of the 241 dogs, please click here.
Members of the Ohio SPCA and the American Kennel Club help veterinarians remove dogs from cages inside a Shelby County puppy mill Saturday. More Info