Rescue One until There are NONE!!

It's kitty season! Do you know what to do if you find them??

1) Cats do not smoke, drink or listen to loud music!

2) Cats do not trick or treat!

3) Cats do not back over your mailbox!

4) Cats do not leave bicycles in your driveway!

5) Cats do not cut your trees and hedges "by accident".

6) Cats do not have pool parties!

7) Cats do not set off fireworks!

8) Cats do not drive over your lawn!

9) Cats do not have loud arguments with family members!

10) Cats do not pressure wash and mow at 7am!

11) Cats will help rid neighborhood of mice and rats!

12) Cats that are TNR'ed will not spread disease (like mice and rats).

13) Cats that are TNR'ed will not procreate!

14) Cats that are TNR'ed  keep a wide territory & don't invite outsiders in!

15) Cats do not ruin the neighborhood and destroy property values!

16) Cats do not write graffiti on things!

17) Cats do not try to preach & recruit for religious groups!

18) Cats do not fundraise and try to sell you cookies, candy, zip!

19) Cats do not require tax dollars for anything!

20) Cats eat very little and are low maintenance!

21) Cats live and let live!

Can we learn to be more like cats???

Contact Us  Before vaccination your cat:

35 diseases that humans contract from mice and 

rats and the few residents of Trailer Estates 

would rather kill the cats than give them a raise??

There's your sign!!!

Trapping and killing has not solved the problem in 35 years!!   Can we try a more humane method now?   One that works!!